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Psychological Counseling & Coaching

“What could be more beautiful than to share humour, trust and depth and to grow and develop together.”

I have been working as a coach for more than 30 years in both Austria and abroad and have coached executives & employees in large corporations and in varied sectors with a strong focus on theatre & film, banking and private individuals.

The focus of my work is to get to the core of the problem quickly and in a precise way. I like to engage with a deep appreciation and a fair share of humour.

I successfully use varied methods like “Systemic Counselling” (finding your place within your family constellation), solution oriented NLP methods and mental-training techniques.

Having coached many female executives over the years I am delighted to support and career coach young mentees at the Paris Lodron University in Salzburg.


> Since 1988: psychological councellor in own practice, working with executives in varied industries such as theatre & film and banking both in Austria and abroad.

> 2004 - 2005 part of the research project „Human and Music“ at the Private Medical University Salzburg. Title of the diploma: „Influence of a combination of NLPt and Music-Therapy on the basis of a case study“

> Since 2005 working for the ‘Employee eap GesbR’ in Vienna.

Doris Rüggeberg Businesscoaching Salzburg

Business coaching

> Employee Coaching

What can a company expect from its employees?

Maximum output, loyalty and commitment to the company.

To many employees these traits are inherent, some will need to develop these over time.

A responsible and future-oriented business values its employees as its most precious assets.

If you would like to strengthen the company resources then let us jointly develop and offer your employees a special coaching service.

> Personal and individual coaching

Expectations and pressures are mounting not only due to the workload itself but also due to internal difficulties like performance and competitive pressures.

This often negatively affects a creative and efficient working environment.

If in addition when stresses from other areas of life occur- then burnout often follows.

Alternative behavior-models and views will be developed in order to cope with existing problems.

> Relaxed employees are more motivated and healthier.

A variety of effective health-coaching models can be developed in partnership with the company.

Doris Rüggeberg Crisis Management Salzburg

Crisis Management

> Crisis management with a focus on solution-oriented short-term methods

Normally you can handle problems easily but suddenly all your abilities seem to have vanished.

You can no longer resolve problems by yourself.

It can be very helpful to evaluate the situation from a new angle, to analyze the structures that lead to the problems and to take new and necessary steps.

Working with my methods – which require somewhere between five to ten sessions – can help to gain perspective, to detangle complex situations and to find satisfactory ways forward.

YOGA & Crisis management

> Yoga helps to relax body and mind and to strengthen self-focus. During intensive Yoga training workshops some old and unresolved matters can emerge. In combination with crisis-management tools these challenges can be worked on and often resolved. With a personalized combination of varied methods I can show you how to relieve sub-conscious and conscious pressures in order to increase your capacity to react to and to resolve blockages.

> Self Mastery

> Mind Mastery

> Emotional Mastery

> Physical Mastery

> Relationship Mastery

> Leadership Mastery

> Spiritual Mastery

SPECIAL - OFFER:   Yoga Retreat Residence on Ibiza combined with crisis management: Individual yoga-treatments and workshops with family-constellation and crisis-management.

Doris Rüggeberg Personality Development Salzburg

Personality Development

“To provide clarity by carefully looking at the present situation, filtering out the essentials and working together with humor and trust to resolve conflicts. This is what motivates me to work with my clients.”

In my independent practice I work with individuals and small groups. Working together encourages everyone to work on their strengths and to acknowledge and accept any weaknesses and imperfections. This helps to empower people and to take full control of their lives..

I use the following methods

> Systemic - and family constellation

> Breathing techniques

> Burn-out prevention

Doris Rüggeberg Relationship Management Salzburg

Relationship Management

> Relationship, being in relation to yourself and to others
To create relationships requires us to define our own point of view, to perceive the other’s point of view and thereafter to create the “in between”.

  1. The own point of view: Who am I? What do I express? What am I intending to express?
  2. How am I perceived?
  3. Am I perceived as I intend to be
  4. How do I respond to the reactions of others?
  5. What can I learn from this?
  6. How can I use my perception to change something?

In social, professional and private environments, relationships are based on clearly defined structures. Real feelings are often suppressed or covered up by pre-determined roles, structures and patterns:

> Awareness of one’s own anxieties, doubts and strengths. 

If one wants to establish a fulfilling business-, work-, love- or parent-child-relationship, one should create trust by being open and acknowledge one’s own vulnerabilities. What is also important here is how one acts in public.

A large part of the available energy is often lost by being inauthentic.. What to show - and what not to show - is a conscious decision one should be able to take.

So there is an additional target:
> To express oneself in a congruent manner in order to enter into genuine relationships.
Though we are often very conscious of our fears and doubts, we override them and authenticity is lost. Indirectly though we communicate our innermost and authentic attitudes which can lead to misunderstandings.

Horse - Therapy


> Working with horses can quickly lead to insights about yourself. There are a number of exercises in which one encounters and leads the horse. One example: Both horse and man/woman move around freely in the riding hall or paddock. The challenge is to enter into relationship with the horse and to influence the horse’s actions through appearance, behavior and voice.

> This unconscious communication is genuine. Horses respond directly to the person and not to any false way of being. I am delighted to be able to integrate this method in the work with my executive clients in close cooperation with Reinhard Mantler, the founder of Horsemanship.

How to use these insights in your work and in your life, and how to turn your weaknesses into strengths is what we aim for in this work:

> Target- and people-oriented leadership

> Charismatic and congruent appearance

> Empathic and situational leadership

> How can I inspire and motivate people around me

> Analyzing and developing behaviour-patterns

> How can I reach a balance between trust and respect

> Receive feedback on personal leadership behavior

> Increase sensory perception of individuals and groups

Experience your own insights in this pure environment. We are not working with complicated horses but with sensitive and attentive animals.

Together with his horses Reinhard Mantler coaches top executives in cooperation with renowned personal development companies The Mantler Horsemanship center is located in Kerschham/ Lochen, near Salzburg.
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